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Jun 10, 2016-Added the D21 status paper

Jun 7, 2016-Added the quantum locking page

Jul 6, 2014-Added the perfect cuboid paper

Apr 13, 2014-Added the Buchholz-Stingley paper

Mar 19, 2013-Added the aperiodic triangular tiling from our foyer

Apr 18, 2011-Added the Bismuth and magnet levitation page

Jul 12, 2010-Added the Ant page

Mar 06, 2010-Created the Perfect triangle page

May 03, 2009-Uploaded the Redheads matchbox puzzles

May 02, 2009-Uploaded notebooks 1..6.

May 01, 2009-Moved website to sites.google.com/site/teufelpi

Apr 13, 2009-Uploaded latest version of cprsa.pdf

Mar 14, 2009-Uploaded latest version of edgemin.pdf

Apr 05, 2007-Uploaded galileo.pdf and trailer

Mar 19, 2007-Uploaded latest version of edgemin.pdf

Mar 14, 2007-Uploaded research summary

Oct 28, 2006-Uploaded "Kandelhardt paradox" and removed .ps.gz files.

Apr 08, 2006-Uploaded translation of "Uber einen geometrischen Satz".

Aug 03, 2005-Added co-authors & uploaded new versions of cyclic_poly.

Jun 06, 2005-Uploaded new pdf & ps versions of h2m_sym & gazette.

May 16, 2005-Uploaded new pdf & ps versions of h2m_sym & gazette.

Mar 22, 2005-Uploaded first translation of Ganzzahligkeit.

Feb 26, 2005-Uploaded new version of h2m_sym with Theorem 2!!!.

Aug 01, 2004-Uploaded sq_tri pdf and ps papers.

Jul 31, 2004-Uploaded linux2portege.txt and added link to index.

Feb 16, 2004-Uploaded pdf versions of h2m_sym, tetra, infinity, rdq.

Feb 07, 2004-Reversed order of papers.

Feb 07, 2004-Uploaded Robbins pentagon trailer.

Oct 05, 2003-Uploaded h2m_sym.ps.gz and swapped all pdf and ps.gz links.

Oct 04, 2003-Uploaded the Infinity Heresy pdf file.

May 21, 2003-Improved thumbnails and added Rhind papyrus thumbnail.

May 18, 2003-Uploaded Topology in biology trailer and fixed up home page.

May 06, 2003-Uploaded h2mb.pdf.

May 05, 2003-Uploaded h2ma.pdf.

Apr 28, 2003-Converted NaCl sound from gzipped wav file to mp3.

Jun 18, 2002-Uploaded edgemin.pdf.

Jun 14, 2002-Uploaded cyclic_poly and gazette pdf files.

Jun 02, 2002-Added NaCl to trailers.

May 23, 2002-Uploaded mixer.pdf and modified links on index & trailers.

May 22, 2002-Redirected links from 4 of 6 trailers to .pdf files (all but mixer and edgemin).

Apr 14, 2002-Converted papers list to table and added links to Rebecca's page and cyclic.ps.gz paper.

Apr 08, 2002-Added SWE link.

Feb 20, 2002-Uploaded files :3med.ps.gz, 3med.pdf.

Jan 23, 2002-Uploaded compressed postscript files :cyclic.

Jul 20, 2001-Uploaded pdf files :thesis.

Jul 01, 2001-Uploaded pdf files :hq, perfectpyramids.

Jun 25, 2001-Uploaded pdf files :pn, rdp.

Jun 24, 2001-Uploaded pdf files :bio_topology, mayan, poly_angles, sps.

Jun 09, 2001-Uploaded pdf files :gathematics.

May 08, 2001-Uploaded compressed postscript files :edgemin, tetra.

Apr 18, 2001-Uploaded compressed postscript files :rdq.

Apr 16, 2001-Uploaded compressed postscript files :bio_topology, gathematics, gazette, h2ma, h2mb, hq, mayan, mixer, perfectpyramids, pn, poly_angles, rdp, sps, thesis.

Apr 13, 2001-Uploaded the Riemann Zeta Function page toolbar.

Feb 28, 2001-Uploaded all the html pages for the Riemann Zeta Function Honours Thesis.

Feb 14, 2001-Uploaded all the jpeg images of the Riemann Zeta Function Honours Thesis.

Feb 10, 2001-Created first version of website at www.geocities.com/teufel_pi

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