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Ex Libris
 R & J & R Buchholz

Books		3
Science Fiction	3
Physical Sciences (Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Physics)	5
Mathematics	8
Organic Sciences (Anthropology,Biology,Psychology)	10
Arts   (Languages,History,Non-fiction)	12
Fiction	15
Humour	16
Comics (Disney)	18
Childrens	19
Travel	22
Serials	23
Photo Albums	24

Science Fiction

Author/PUBLISHER	Title

Abbott,E.A.		Flatland
Adams, Douglas		The Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy (?)
Adams, Douglas		The Restaurant at the end of the Universe
Adams, Douglas		Life, the Universe and Everything
Adams, Douglas		So long and thanks for all the Fish
Adams, Douglas		Dirk Gently  Holistic Detective Agency
Adams, Douglas		The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (L)
Adams, Douglas		Mostly Harmless (L)
Aldiss, Brian		Frankenstein Unbound
Aldiss, Brian		Helliconia Spring
Aldiss, Brian		Helliconia Summer
Aldiss, Brian		Helliconia Winter
Aldiss, Brian		Malacia Tapestry
Asimov, Isacc		Foundation
Asimov, Isacc		Foundation and Empire
Asimov, Isacc		Second Foundation
Asimov, Isacc		Foundations Edge
Asimov, Isacc		Foundation and Earth
Asimov, Isacc		Forward the Foundation (L)
Asimov, Isacc		Prelude to Foundation
Asimov, Isacc		I Robot
Asimov, Isacc		Nightfall
Asimov, Isacc		Nightfall Two
Asimov, Isacc		The Big Sun of Mercury
Asimov, Isacc		The Pebble in the Sky
Banks, Iain		Inversions
Banks, Iain		Look to windward
Banks, Iain		Consider Phlebas
Banks, Iain             The Algebraist
Baxter, John		The Second Pacific Book of Australian S.F.
Bear, Greg		Eon
Blish, James            The Seedling Stars
Blish, J & Lowndes, R.	The Duplicated Man
Bloch, Robert		Atoms and Evil
Bryant, Edward		Cinnabar
Campbell, Marion        The Dark Twin
Carnell, John           The Best From New Writings in Science Fiction
Clarke, A.C.		2001 : A Space Odyssey and others (L)
Clarke, A.C.		2010 : Odyssey Two
Clarke, A.C.		2061 : Odyssey Three
Clarke, A.C.		3001 : The final odyssey
Clarke, A.C.		Of Time and Stars
Clarke, A.C.		Reach for Tommorrow
Clarke, A.C.		Rendevous with rama
Clarke, A.C.		The City and the Stars
Cooper, Edmund		The Tenth Planet
Delany, Samuel R.	Nova
Delany, Samuel R.	The Ballad of Beta 2/Empire Star
Delany, Samuel R.	The Fall of the Towers
Delany, Samuel R.	The Jewels of Aptor
Delany, Samuel R.	Babel 17
Dewdny, A.K.		The Planiverse
Dick, Phillip K.	Vulcans Hammer
Dick, Phillip K.	The Game Players of Titan
Dickson, Gordon R.      Tactics of Mistake
Dickson, Gordon R.      Dorsai!
Donaldson, Stephen	A man rides through
Donaldson, Stephen	Chronicles of Thomas Covenant I & II
Dozois,G. & Effinger,G.	Nightmare Blue
Egan, Greg		Diaspora
Eyers, John		Survivors : Genesis of a Hero
Farmer, Phillip Jose	Flesh
Farmer, Phillip Jose	Jesus on Mars
Farmer, Phillip Jose	A private cosmos
Feist, Raymond E.	Magician
Feist, Raymond E.	Silverthorn
Feist, Raymond E.	Darkness at Sethanon
Feist, Raymond E.	Prince of Blood
Feist, R. & Wurts, J.	Daughter of the Empire
Feist, R. & Wurts, J.	Servant of the Empire
Feist, R. & Wurts, J.	Mistress of the Empire
Foster, G		2001 A.D.
Gordon, Rex		The Paw of God
Hardy, Lyndon		Riddle of the Seven Realms
Harrison, M. John       The Centauri Device 
Heinlein, Robert A.	The Number of the Beast
Heinlein, Robert A.	Stranger in a strange land
Heinlein, Robert A.	Starman Jones
Herbert, Frank		Children of Dune
Herbert, Frank		Dune
Herbert, Frank		Dune Messiah
Herbert, Frank		God Emperor of Dune
Herbert, Frank		Heretics of Dune
Herbert, Frank		Chapter House
Herbert, Frank		The Eyes of Heisenburg
Herbert, Frank		The Dosadi Experiment
Herbert, Frank		The God Makers
Logan, Charles          Shipwreck
Mailer, Norman		Ancient Evenings
May, Julian		Intervention
Morland, Dick		Heart Clock
Pedler, Kit
  & Davis, Gerry        The Dinostar Menace
Pohl, Frederick		A plague of pythons
Pohl, Frederick		Beyond the Blue Event Horizon
Pohl, Frederick		Gateway
Pohl, Frederick		Slave Ship
Pohl, Frederick 
 & Williamson, Jack	The Starchild Trilogy
Pratchett, Terry	Pyramids
Pratt, Fletcher		Invaders from Rigel
Sanders, Lawrence       The Tomorrow File
Serling, Rod		New Stories from the Twilight Zone
Sheckley, R.		The People Trap : Mind Swap 
Silverberg, Robert	Thorns
Simak, Clifford D.	Ring around the Sun
Simak, Clifford D.	Enchanted Pilgrimage
Smith, E.E. Doc.        Lord Tedric
Smith, E.E. Doc.        The Galaxy Primes
Stableford, Brian	The Fenris Device
Stephenson, Neal	Quicksilver
Stephenson, Neal	Snow Crash
Stephenson, Neal	Cryptonomicon(W)
Sturgeon, Theodore	Venus Plus X
Timmes, G.D.		Plague
Tiptree, James		Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home
Tolkien, J.R.R.		The Lord of the Rings
Tolkien, J.R.R.		The Silmarillion
Tolkien, J.R.R.		The Hobbit (illustrated)
Vance, Jack		Coup de Grace and other stories
Vance, Jack             Araminta Station
Vance, Jack             The Brave Free Men
Vance, Jack             The Anome
Vance, Jack             Emphyrio
Vance, Jack             City of the Chasch
Vance, Jack             The Asutra
Vance, Jack             The Last Castle
Wilhelm, Kate		The Infinity Box
Wurts, Janny		Stormwarden
Wurts, Janny		Keeper of the Keys
Wurts, Janny		Shadowfane
Wurts, Janny		Sorcerer's Legacy
Wurts, Janny		The Master of Whitestorm
Wyndham, John		The Day of the Triffids
Wyndham, John		Wanderers of Time

Physical Sciences (Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Physics)

Author/PUBLISHER	Title

Asimov, Issac		Asimov on Astronomy
Asimov, Issac		The Tragedy of the Moon
Asimov, Issac		Adding a Dimension
Asimov, Issac		Science, Numbers and I
Aylward, G.H. 
 & Findlay, T.J.V.	SI Chemical Data
Barrow, J.D.		Theories of Everything
Barrow, J.D.		Impossibility 
Berry, Adrian		The Next 10000 Years
Brand, S		The Clock of the Long Now
Brian, D		Einstein: A life
Brillouin, Leon		Relativity Reexamined
Buchanan, Mark		Ubiquity
Buchholz, Rebecca	Analogues of Bacterial Phosphoesterases
Burke, James		The Day the Universe Changed
Bylinsky, G		High Tech (L)
Calder, Nigel		Einsteins Universe
Calder, Nigel		The Comet is Coming
Calder, Nigel		Timescale
Carruthers, Stephen	Comet Halley
Coveney, P 
  & Highfield, R	The Arrow of Time
Cull, R.
  & Hefferman,D.A.	People, Science & Society
Davies, Paul		The Cosmic Blueprint
Davies, Paul		The Edge of Infinity
Davies, Paul		Superforce
Davies, Paul		The Mind of God
Davies, Paul		About Time
Davies, Paul		The New Physics
Davies, P 
  & Brown, J.		Superstrings : A theory of everything
Davies, P. 
  & Gribbin, J.		The Matter Myth	
Dawkins, Richard	The God Delusion
De Carle, Donald	Horology
Edgerton, Harold	Stopping Time
Eisberg & Resnick	Quantum Physics
ENCYC. BRITT.		1975 Yearbook of Science and Future 
Evans, David		Astronomy
Feldman, A.		Secrets of Space 
Feynman, R.P.		Surely Your Joking Mr Feynman
Feynman, R.P.		What Do You Care What Other People Think?
Feynman, R.P.		QED : Theory of Light and Matter
Feynman, R.P.		Six easy pieces
Feynman, R.P.		The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
Feynman, R.P.
  Leighton, R. B. &
	Sands, M.	The Feynman lectures on Physics V1, 2, 3
Galilei, Galileo 	Two New Sciences
Galilei, Galileo 	Dialogue concerning the two chief world systems (W)
Gell-Mann, M 		The Quark and the Jaguar
Gilbert, W.		De Magnete
  & Gilder, Anne-Lee	Heavenly Intrigue
Gleick, James		Genius
Gleick, James		Faster
Gleick, James		Isaac Newton
Godfrey, L.R.		Scientists Confront Creationism
Godman A.
  & Denney R  		Cambridge Thesaurus of Science & Technology
Goodstein, David L. 
  & Judith R.		Feynman's Lost Lecture	
Gordon, J.E.		Structures (MJS?)
Greene, Brian		The Elegant Universe
Greene, Brian		The Fabric of the Cosmos
Gribbin, John		In Search of Schroedinger's Cat
Gribbin, John		Science : A history
Hall, Nina		A Guide to Chaos
Hall, Stephen		Mapping the next Millenium
Halliday & Resnick	Physics Parts I & II
Halliday & Resnick	Study Guide : Physics
Hamlyn, Paul		Eagle on the Moon (L)
Hamlyn, Paul		How it Works
Hart and Shuetz		Organic Chemistry
Hawking, Stephen	A Brief History Of Time
Hawking, Stephen	The Universe in a Nutshell
Hawking, Stephen 
  & Penrose, R		The Nature of Space and Time
Hofstaeder, Douglas R.	Godel, Escher, Bach (W)
Hofstaeder, Douglas R.	Minds I
Holmes, Arthur		Age of the Earth
Hooper, Meredith	Everyday Inventions
Hooper, Meredith	More Everyday Inventions
Hoyle, Fred		Astronomy and Cosmology
Hunt, G 
  & Moore,P.		Jupiter
Judson, H.F.		Search for Solutions
Kepler, J		Kepler's Sommnium
Kneen, Rogers 
  & Simpson		Chemistry: Facts, Patterns and Principles
Kraus, L.		Fear of Physics
Kruszelinksi, K		Bizarre moments in Science
Kruszelinksi, K		Latest greatest moments in science
Lederman, Leon		The God Particle
McCarthy, Wil		Hacking Matter
McGRAW HILL		Leonardo the Inventor
McGRAW HILL		Leonardo the Scientist
Miller, Julius S.	The Second Book of Millergrams
Monod, Jacques		Chance and Necessity
Mulvey, J.H.		Nature of Matter
Nadeau, R
  & Kafatos, M		The Non-local Universe
Newcastle Gas Co.	A great Achievement
			Natural Gas Technical Data Book
Newham, C.A.		Astronomical Significance of Stonehenge
Newton, Isacc		Principia: Vol.I  The motion of Bodies
Newton, Isacc		Principia: Vol.II The system of the World
OMEGA			Star Chart
Peat, F.David		Superstrings
Penrose, Roger		The Emperor's New Mind
Penrose, Roger		Shadows of the Mind
Penrose, Roger		The road to reality
POMEGRANATE		Inventors and Scientists Postcards
POWERHOUSE PUBLISHING	Leonardo DaVinci: The Codex Leicester
Regis, E.		Who got Einsteins Office?
RIGBEY INT.		Joy of Knowledge 
Rosen, E		Three Copernican Treatises
Sagan, Carl		Cosmos
Sagan, Carl
  & Druyan, A		Comet
Shepard, F.P.		Geological Oceanography
Silver, Brian. L.	The Ascent of Science
Smith, Chris		The Return of the Naked Scientist
Smolin, Lee		Three Roads to Quantum Gravity
Sobel, Dava		Longitude
Sobel, Dava		Galileo's Daughter
Talent, J.A.		Australian Minerals
Thring, M.W.
 & Laithwaite, E.R. 	How to Invent
Tipler, Frank J.	The Physics of Immortality
UNWIN			Observing Halleys Comet
Waldrop, M.M.		Complexity
Weidner, R.T.		Physics
Winchester, Simon	Krakatoa
Zee, A. 		Quantum field theory (W)

Author/Publisher	Title
Aczel, A. D. 		Fermats Last Theorem
Aczel, A. D. 		The Mystery of the Aleph
ApSimon, Hugh		Mathematical Byways (W)
Baker, Alan		Theory of Numbers (W)
Barrow, J. D. 		Pi in the Sky
Barrow, J. D. 		The Book of Nothing
Batten, Lyn		Combinatorics of Finite Geometries
Benson, W.H & Jacoby,O	Magic Cubes
Berghout, Bob		Calculus, Math II Co. Tut notes 1989 
Biggs, Norman		Algebraic Graph Theory (W)
Blatt, J.		Basic Fortran IV programming
Bosma, Wieb, et al	Solving Problems with Magma
Bourbaki Jr, N.		Fuckin contemporary abstract algebra (W)
Buck, R.C.		Studies in Modern Analysis
Buchholz, R.H.		Riemann Zeta Function (Honours Thesis) (W)
Buchholz, R.H.		On Triangles (PhD Thesis)(W)
Cassels, J.W.S. &
	E.V. Flynn	Prolegomena to a middlebrow arithmetic of curves of genus 2
Clark, A		Elements of Abstract Algebra (W)
Cohen, H.		A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory (W)
Cohn, H. 		Advanced Number Theory (W)
COLLINS GEM		Basic Facts Mathematics
Conway, JH & Guy RK	The Book of numbers (W)
Cornell, G. & 
	Silverman, J. 
	& Stevens, G.	Modular forms and Fermat's last theorem (W)
Coxeter, H.S.M.		Introduction to Geometry
Davenport, Harold	Multiplicative Number Theory
Davies, James		Life and Death
Davis, M		Computability & Unsolvability
Davis, P.J. & Hersh, R.	Descartes' Dream
Davis, P.J. & Hersh, R.	The Mathematical Experience
Derbyshire, J.		Unknown Quantity
Devlin, Keith		Mathematics : The New Golden Age
Devlin, Keith		Mathematics : The Science of Patterns
Devlin, Keith		The Millenium Problems (W)
Doerfler, Ronald	Dead Reckoning
Eisenbud, D. & 
	Harris, J	The geometry of schemes (W)
Eves, Howard		Great Moments in Mathematics (before 1650)
Eves, Howard		Great Moments in Mathematics (after  1650)
Flegg, G		Numbers
Feurstein, Petra	Von Euclid bis Gauss
Gardener, Martin	Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions
Gay, H. 		Computation and Trigonometry (W)
Gelbaum, B.R. & J.M.H.
	 Olmstead	Counterexamples in Analysis (W)
Giles, J.R.		Analysis of Metric Spaces
Giles, J.R.		Real Analysis
Grunbaum, & Shepherd	Tilings and Patterns (W)
Guedj, D		Numbers
Gunning, R.C.		Lectures on Modular forms
Guy, Richard		Unsolved Problems in Number Theory 3rd Edition (W)
Hall, J. N. & R.L. 
	Scwartz		Effective Perl Programming
Hardy, G.H.		Pure Mathematics (W)
Hardy, G.H.		A Mathematicians Apology
Hardy, G.H. & E. M. 
	Wright		An introduction to the theory of numbers (W)
Hartshorne, R. 		Algebraic Geometry (W)
Havil, Julian		Gamma: Exploring Euler's Constant(W)
Heath, Thomas L.	Euclid Vol 1 Books I-II (W)
Heath, Thomas L.	Euclid Vol 2 Books III-IX (W)
Heath, Thomas L.	Euclid Vol 3 Books X-XIII (W)
Hellegouarch, Yves	Invitation to the Mathematics of Fermat-Wiles
HEMMI SLIDE RULE CO.	Slide Rule Instruction Book
Hoffman, Paul		Archimedes' Revenge
Hofstadter, Douglas	Metamagical Themas
Hofstadter, Douglas	Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies
Humez, A. et al		From Zero to Lazy Eight
Kac, M. & Ulam, S.M.	Mathematics and Logic
Kaplan, R		The nothing that is
Kelley, A. & Pohl, I.	A book on C (W)
Kasner,E. & Newman,J.	Mathematics and the Imagination
Klarner, D.A.		Mathematical Gardener
Kline, M.		Mathematics : Spirit and Use
Kline, M.		Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times (W)
Knapp, A.		Elliptic Curves (W)
Knopp, Konrad		Funktionentheorie Vol I (W)
Knopp, Konrad		Funktionentheorie Vol I (W)
 & Daly, Patrick W.	Guide to Latex (W)
Koomey, Jonathon G.	Turning Numbers into Knowledge
Kreysig,E.		Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Leeman, F. &
     Elffers & Schuyt	Anamorphoses 
Lewis, D.J.		Introduction to Algebra 
Lipschutz, S.		Linear Algebra 
Lockwood, E.H.		A Book of Curves 
Mankiewisz, R		The Story of Mathematics
Mazza, Fabrice		Enigma
Mendelson, E.		Introduction to Mathematical Logic
Menninger, Karl		Number words and Number symbols(W)
Mollin, R. A.		Quadratics (W)
Moreno, Carlos J.	Algebraic Curves over Finite Fields (W)
Moscowvitch, I. 	The shoelace Problem and other puzzles
Murphy, B. A.		Polynomial Selection for the NFS integer factorization algorithm (W)
Nahin, Paul J		When least is best 
 OF TEACHERS OF MATH	Enrichment Mathematics for High School
N.S.W. Edc'n Dept.	Mathematical Tables 
Parshein, A. N. &
	Shafarevich, I.	Number Theory I (W)
Peterson, Ivars		The Mathematical Tourist
Pittenger, A. O.	An introduction to quantum computing algorithms
Poincare, H. 		Wissenschaft und Hypothese (Lindeman, F & L)
READERS DIGEST		The Mensa Puzzle Book
Riesel, H.		Prime numbers and computer methods for factorization (W)
Richman, Fred		Number Theory : An Introduction to Algebra (W)
Rickard, R.J.		Measurement
Rose, J.S.		A Course on Group Theory
Rotman, Brian		Ad Infinitum (W)
Rucker, R.		The Fourth Dimension
Sabbagh, Karl		The Riemann Hypothesis
Shafarevich, Igor R	Basic algebraic Geometry(W)
Shanks, Daniel		Solved and Unsolved Problems in No. Theory 
Sheng, T.K. 		On Approximating Polygons (PhD Thesis) (W)
Shenk, Al		Calculus and Analytical Geometry
Silverman, J.H		Advanced topics in the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves (W)
Silverman, J.H		The Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves 
Simpson, John		Polygons and Polyhedra
Sims, B.T.		Fundamentals of Topology (W)
Smart, Nigel P.		The Algorithmic Resolution of Diophantine Equations(W)
Smith, D. E.		A sourcebook in Mathematics (W)
Smith, K., Kahanpaa, L.
          Kekalainen, P 
      & Traves,W.	An invitation to Algebraic Geometry (W)
Stein, Sherman K.	Mathematics : The Man-Made Universe
Stewart, Ian		Problems of Mathematics
Stillwell John		Elements of Number Theory (W)
Strang, G.		Introduction to linear algebra
Struick, Dirk J.	A Concise History of Mathematics
Szpiro, George G.	Kepler's Conjecture
TARQUIN PUB'NS		Mathematical Curiosities
Tate,J & Silverman,JH	Elliptic Curves (W)
Technische Universitat
   Braunschweig		Forschungsbericht 
TIME/LIFE		Mathematics 
Uni. of Newcastle	Basic Basic 
Uni. of Newcastle	Math I Tut notes 1989 	
Uni. of Newcastle	Vax II Fortran 1983 (W)
van der Poorten, A.	Notes on Fermat's last theorem (W)
Wagon, S. 		The Banach-Tarski Paradox (W)
Wall, L. Christiansen, T.
   & Schwartz, R.	Programming Perl
Washington, L.C.	Elliptic Curves: Number theory and Cryptography (W) 
Wells, David		Dictionary of Curious & Interesting Numbers (W)
Wells, David		Dictionary of Curious & Interesting Geometry(W)
Wells, David		Curious and Interesting Mathematics
Weyl, Hermann		Symmetry
Wilson, Robin		Four Colors Suffice
Yandell, Benjamin H.	The Honors Class

Organic Sciences  : (Anthropology, Biology)

Author/PUBLISHER	Title

Attenbourough, David	Living Planet
Attenbourough, David	Life on Earth
Attenbourough, David	The Trials of Life
Behe, M. J. 		Darwins Black Box
Bronowski, J.		Ascent of Man
Cairns – Smith, A.G.	Seven Clues to the Origin of Life
Crick, Francis		The Astonishing Hypothesis
Darwin, Charles		Origin of Species
Davies, Paul		The fifth miracle
Dawkins, Richard	The Blind Watchmaker
Dawkins, Richard	The Selfish Gene
Dawkins, Richard	Climbing Mount Improbable
Dawkins, Richard	River out of Eden
Dennett, D. C. 		Consciousness Explained 
Dennett, D. C.		Darwins Dangerous Idea
Ebert, J.D. &
     Sussex, I.M.	Interacting Systems in Development
Falconer, D.S.		Introduction to Quantitative Genetics
Giese, A.C.		Cell Physiology
Gould, Stephen Jay	Ever Since Darwin
Gould, Stephen Jay	The Pandas Thumb
Gould, Stephen Jay	Eight Little Piggies
Gould, Stephen Jay	The Book of Life
Gould, Stephen Jay	Lifes Grandeur
Gould, Stephen Jay	The Lying Stones of Marrakech
Hamilton, T.H.		Process and Patterns in Evolution
Hoyle, Fred 
 & Wickramasinghe, N.C.	Diseases from Space
Knight, B.		Discovering the Human Body 
Milner, Richard		Encyclopedia of Evolution
Pott, Eckart		Wald und Forst
READERS DIGEST		Australias Dangerous Creatures
Schroedinger, E		What is Life?
Scott, Andrew		The Creation Of Life
Solomon et al		Biology
Thames & Hudson		The first Humans
Thorne, A. et al	Man on the Rim
Wills, C.		Wisdom of the Genes
Zimmer, Carl		Evolution: Triumph of an idea

Author/PUBLISHER	Title

Ahn, J. et al		Recovering from a stroke
Amer. Psy. Assoc.	DSM-IV (O)
Antoney, Martin		The Shyness & Social Anxiety Workbook(O)
Barlow & Durand		Abnormal Psychology 
Barnard N.		Foods that fight pain
Beaton, Alan		Dyslexia, reading and the brain.
Benton, A
  & Pearl, David	Dyslexia
Bishop, D.		Uncommon Understanding
Bowden, C.		Diagnosis and Management of Bipolar Disorders 
Breasted, J.H.		The Edwin Smith surgical papyrus vol 1
Breasted, J.H.		The Edwin Smith surgical papyrus vol 2
Buchholz, Judith	M-pathway processing deficits (Masters Thesis) 
Buchholz, Judith	Visual attentional processes in adults with dyslexia
Caltabiano, M. &
	Sarafino, E. 	Health psychology: Biopsychosocial interactions
Carlson, N. R.		Physiology of Behavior 
Carter, Rita		Mapping the Mind 
Creamer, M. et al	Treating traumatic stress - Manual and DVD
CUP			J of International Neuropsychological Soc, v. 1 #1 
CUP			J of International Neuropsychological Soc, v. 1 #2 
CUP			J of International Neuropsychological Soc, v. 1 #3 
CUP			J of International Neuropsychological Soc, v. 1 #4 
CUP			J of International Neuropsychological Soc, v. 1 #5 
CUP			J of International Neuropsychological Soc, v. 1 #6 
Cole, M. & S. 		Development of Children 
Davison, G.
  & Neale, John		Abnormal Psychology 
Dement, William		The Promise of Sleep
Dinning, T. 
  & Connelley, T	Head Injuries 
Dowrick, Stephanie	Intimacy and Solitude
Eccles, J.C.		The understanding of the Brain 
Evans, K. et al		Dual diagnosis
Eysenck, M.		Cognitive Psychology 
Farah, M. & 
	Feinberg, T.	Patient-based approaches to cognitive neuroscience
Gladwell, M. 		Blink
Glenville, M.		Natural alternatives to HRT
Goldstein, E.		Sensation and Perception 
Graham, Helen		The Magic Shop
Haberlandt		Cognitive Psychology 
Halgin, R. 
  & Whitbourne, S.	A casebook in abnormal psychology (O)
Hamilton, Max		Abnormal psychology 
Harris, Russ		The Happiness Trap(O)
Hebben, N.		Essentials of neuropsychological assessment
Heilman, K.
  & Valenstein, Edward	Clinical Neuropsychology 
Hill, Faith		Stress (?) 
Howell, D. C		Statistical Methods for Psychology 
I'Ansen, K.		...nine, ten, do it again 
Jackson, N. &
	Coltheart, M.	Routes to Reading success and failure 	
Jongsma, A 
  & Peterson, L.	The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner (O)
Kandel, E. et al	Essentials of Neural Science and Behaviour
Kasperczyk, Richard 
  & Francis, Ronald	The manual of private psychology practice 
Kasperczyk, Richard 
  & Francis, Ronald	Private Practice Psychology 
Kaufmann, Alan		The Essentials of WAIS-III Assessment(O)
Kenny, A. 		The Metaphysics of mind
Komatsu, L.		Experimenting with the Mind 
Kumar, S.M.		Grieving mindfully
Lezak, M		Neuropsychological Assessment 3rd Edition 
Lorig, K. et al		Living a healthy life with chronic conditions
Mash, E. & Wolfe, D.	Abnormal child psychology
McEvoy, J.		Guide To Assessment Scales in Schizophrenia 
McGraw, P. 		The ultimate weight solution
Miller, W. 
  & Rollnick, S. 	Motivational Interviewing (O)
MIMS			Narcotic Analgesics Prescribing Guide(O)
Morrison, James		DSM-IV Made Easy (O)
Morton, John		Understanding Developmental Disorders 

Pagano, Robert		Understanding Stats in the Behavioural Sciences 
Pipher, Mary		Reviving Orphelia
Pipher, Mary		The Shelter of Each Other
Ponsford, J., Snow, P 
  & Anderson, V.	International Perspectives in traumatic Brain injury â1996 
Powell, G. 		Brain Function Therapy 
Ramachandran, V.  
  & Blakeslee, S.	Phantoms in the Brain
Rich, Phil		Grief Counseling Homework Planner (O)
Ridley, Matt		The Origins of Virtue
Rose, L.		Overcoming Pain
Rosenhan, D 
  & Seligman, Martin	Abnormal Psychology 
Sacks, Oliver		Migraine 
Sacks, Oliver		The Island of the Colour Blind
Sacks, Oliver		The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat
Sacks, Oliver		Awakenings
Sacks, Oliver		A Leg to Stand On
Sacks, Oliver		An Anthropoligist on Mars
Sacks, Oliver		Seeing Voices
Sacks, Oliver		Musicophilia
SANE 			Treatments 
SANE 			Brothers and Sisters 
SANE 			Planning Ahead 
SANE 			Psychosis 
Santogrossi, David	Study Guide : Abnormal Psychology 
Santorelli, S. 		Heal thy self
Saxon, R.O. et al	My Parents are getting older
Schacter, Daniel L.	The seven sins of Memory
Schiraldi, Glenn	The Self-esteem Workbook(O)
Schultz, D. & S.	History of Modern Psychology 
Sherman, B.		Dementia with dignity
Snyder, Peter		Clinical Neuropsychology(O)
Spreen, O., Tupper, D 
Risser, A., Tokko, H  
  & Edgell, D (Eds.)	Human Developmental Psychology 
Smithson, Michael	Statistics with Confidence  
Sternberg, R.		In Search of the Human Mind 
Stolarz, Stephanie	Study Guide: Development of Children  
Stroebr, M.S. 		Handbook of bereavement
Tabachnick & Fidell	Using Multivariate Statistics  
Tracey, D, Paxinos, G.,
  & Stone, J. (Eds.)	Neurotransmitters in the human brain  
Turner, M. &
	Rack, J.	The study of Dyslexia  
Usher, K., Foster, K &
	Bullock, S.	Psychopharmacology for Health Professionals(O)
Walsh, K.		Understanding Brain Damage  
Walsh, K.		Neuropsychology  
Watts, P.		Surviving the witness box
WHO			Management of Mental Disorders Vol I (O)
			Management of Mental Disorders Vol II(O)
White, J. et al		Writing reports for court
Williams, Mary Beth	The PTSD workshop(O)
Wilson, J.P. et al.	Treating Psychological trauma and PTSD
Wilson, R. &
	Keil, F.	The MIT Encyclopedia of the Cognitive Sciences  
Wolf, Naomi		The Beauty Myth
Worden, J.W. 		Grief Counseling and grief therapy

Arts   : (Languages, Non-fiction)

Author/PUBLISHER	Title

ARIEL PRESS		French Aster Birthday Book
Asher, J		Fancy Dress
AUST. CONS. PRESS	World Expo 1988
Balch, P.		Prescription for Nutritional Healing 
Barca, Margaret		Family First Aid
BERLITZ			Italian English
BERLITZ			Latin American Spanish
Berlitz			Italian in 30 days
Better Homes & Gardens 	Painted finishes
Better Homes & Gardens	Furnitue
Better Homes & Gardens	Tiling
Better Homes & Gardens	Storage
Better Homes & Gardens	Complete Guide to Quilting
Biltmore Company	A guide to Biltmore Estate
Bregstein, Barbara	Easy Spanish
Burke, Don		Burkes Backyard vol.2
Cassells		German-English Dictionary
CHARTWELL BOOKS		Homage to Dali (L)
Clark, M. S & J		Essay Writing
Cobb, W. S. 		The book of go
Coen et al		Beautiful Braids
COLES			German Grammar Simplified
COLLINS 		English GEM Dictionary (x2)
COLLINS 		German English Dictionary (?)
Collins 		Spanish Dictionary and grammar
Connor, D. 		Tai Chi
Cornelesen		Sprachshatz 2
Crawford, C.		Tangram Puzzles
Creative Publishing	Quilting 101
d'Avennes, E. Prisse	Atlas of Egyptian Art
Edgren G		The Playboy Book (L)
Ernst, Bruno		Magic Mirror Of M.C. Escher (L)
Escher, M.C. & Locher	World of M.C. Escher (L)
Facetti, Aldo		Natural Beauty
French, J		Organic Control of Household Pests
Griesbach, H.		Ich Spreche Deutsch
Grunfield, F.V		Games of the World
Heck, J.G.		The Complete Encyclopaedia of Illustration (L)
Horan, H.S. 
  & Wheeler, J.R.	Basic French Vocabulary
Horvath, A		How to Create Photographic Special Effects
Jackson, P. et al	Ultimate Paper Craft and Origami book (L)
Jones et al		The Big Picture
LANGENSCHEIDT		Guten Tag :A German Language Course
Lauster, U.		Logikspiele 1
			Lesespiele 1
Liddell,Lucinda		The Book of Massage
Lockie, Andrew		The Family Guide to Homeopathy
McAbbott, H		Green Guide
Mihalic, F		Newguinea Pidgin(?)
Mills, Jane		A Guide to Erotic Literature(?)
Nash, E & Fox, R	The pleasures of Love(?)
Nel, M.			Decorate your home with Needlecraft
Nicholson, Joyce	The children's party and games book
OXFORD PRESS		Concise Oxford Dictionary
Pitt-Kethley, Fiona	The literary companion to Sex(?)
Puttock,A.G.		Tracing Your Family Tree
READERS DIGEST		Illustrated Guide to Gardening
READERS DIGEST		Motoring Guide to Australia (L)
READERS DIGEST		Alternative Medicine
READERS DIGEST		Scenic Wonders of Australia
Russon, L.J.		Complete German Course
Seckel, Al		The Great Book of Optical Illusions(?)
Schroedel		Texte fur die Primerstufe
			Bunte Fibel
St John Ambulance	Australian Fisrt Aid
Topics			Instant Immersion German
Verso,Jo		Cross stitch Cards and Keepsakes
Yates			Garden Problem Solver

Zarabanda		Getting by in Spanish

Andrews & Stringer	Human Evolution
Atkinson, R		Stonehenge and Neighbouring Monuments 
AUST. EDC'N FOUND.	Australian Junior Encyc. Vol. I
AUST. EDC'N FOUND.	Australian Junior Encyc. Vol. II
AUST. EDC'N FOUND.	Australian Junior Encyc. Vol. III
Baines & Malek		Atlas of Ancient Egypt (L)
Bernstein, D.J.		The Mystery of the Bayeux Tapestry
Blundell, N		The World's Greatest Mysteries
Buchholz, R&J		Our Family 
Budge,E.A.W.		Egyptian Book of the Dead
Cadbury, Deborah	The Dinosaur Hunters
Campbell, Joseph	Way of the Animal Powers (L)
Cameron, Ian		Explorers and Exploration (L)
Cavendish,R.		Man, Myth and Magic (L)
Ceram,C.W.		Gods, Graves and Scholars
Clarke, A.C.		Mysterious World
Coughlin, Paul		Timeless New York
Croutier, A.L.		Harem : The world behind the veil
Dash, Mike		Batavia's Graveyard
de Landa, Diego		The Maya (translated by A.R. Pagden)
Diamond, Jared		Guns, Germs and Steel
Dorman, Paul		Teralba School Centenary 1884-1984
East, Roger		Traveller's Atlas (L)
Ehrman, Bart. D.	Misquoting Jesus
Fagan, B		New Treasures of the Past (L)
FIELD EDC'N ENT.	Book of Music (L)
Geibert, R. &
	Nolan, P.B.	Kitty Hawk and Beyond.
GROLIER			Year Book 1968
Hamlin, Paul		Early Artists of Australia
Harper & Row		The World An Illustrated History
Hazlewood, Nick		Savage: Survival, Revenge and the theory of 				evolution.
Hitching, Francis	Earth Magic
Hughes, R		The Fatal Shore
Innes, Hammond		Conquistadors
James, P &
	Thorpe, N.	Ancient Inventions
Kersten, H. 
 & Gruber, E.		The Jesus Conspiracy
Kyle, D			A Pictorial History of Science Fiction (L)
Lamshed, Max		Monty : A Biography
Levin, H.L.		Earth Through Time
Life Sciences Library	Machines
McWhirter,N.		Guiness Book of Records 1976 (L)
Mercantante, A.S.	Encyclopaedia of World Mythology and Legend
Morwood, Mike 		The Discovery of the Hobbit
Nasby, Dolly		Harpers Ferry
Natkiel & Preston	Atlas of Maritime History
PEARS			Shilling Cyclopaedia
Pomeranz, M.		1001 movies you must see before you die
Reader's Digest		The Real McCoy
Reader's Digest		Wonders of the Ancient World
Reader's Digest		Book of Facts
Reader's Digest		Great Mysteries of the Past
Richardson, Katherine	The Salem Witchcraft Trials
Ross, Kurt		Codex Mendoza
Rufus, Quintus Curtius	The History of Alexander
Russell, A		Guiness Book of Records 1988
Russmann, Edna R.	Eternal Egypt(L)
Sklar, R		Film: An International History of the Medium (L)
Southgate, Nancy &
Barringer, Felicity	A Grand Obsession: Daniel Moreau Barringer and his 			crater.
Sunshine Diaries	The Australian Mosaic & 1788 Diary
Taviani, P.E.		Christopher Colombus: The Grand Design
Taylor, J.R.		Great Movie Moments (L)
Thompson, J.E.		Rise and fall of the Maya civilisation
TIME/LIFE		Volcano 
Time/Life		Pictures of Planet Earth
TIME/LIFE		100 Events in the Life of Planet Earth
TIME/LIFE		Concise Family World Atlas
Time/Life		History of the World :	3000 - 1500BC
Time/Life		History of the World :	1500 - 600BC
Time/Life		History of the World :	600 - 400BC
Time/Life		History of the World :	400BC - AD200
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD200 - 600
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD600 - 800
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD800 - 1000
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1000 - 1100
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1100 - 1200
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1200 - 1300
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1300 - 1400
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD 1400 - 1500
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1500 - 1600
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1600 - 1700
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1700 - 1800
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1800 - 1850
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1850 - 1900
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1900 - 1925
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1925 - 1950
Time/Life		History of the World :	AD1950 - 1990
Time/Life		History of the World :	The Human Dawn
Time/Life		History of the World :	The Rise of Cities
Time/Life		History of the World :	The Natural World
Time/Life		History of the World :	The Enterprise of War
Time/Life		History of the World :	The Domestic World
Time/Life		History of the World :	Historic World Atlas
Turner,J.W.		When Newcastle was Sydneys Siberia
Turner,J.W.		Photos of Old Newcastle
Turner,J.W.		Down to Lake Macquarie
Turner,J.W.		From Stockton to Minmi
Turner,J.W.		'Neath Mount Sugarloaf
von Daniken, Erich 	The Gold Of the Gods
      Wallace & Wallace	The Book of Lists
Wilson, Colin		Starseekers
Winchester, Simon	The Map that changed the world.
Young, John V.		Kokopelli: Casanaova of the Cliff Dwellers

Author			Title

Auel,J.			Clan of the Cave Bear
Auel,J.			Valley of the Horses
Auel,J.			Mammoth Hunters
Auel,J.			Plains of Passage
Auel,J.			The Shelters of Stone
Austen, J		Emma
Austen, J		Mansfield Park
Austen, J		Persuasion
Austen, J		Pride & Prejudice
Austen, J		Sense & Sensibility
Austen, J		Northanger Abbey
Barnes, J		A History of the World in 10.5 Chapters
Carroll, L &	 
	Weiss, B	Jabberwocky
Conroy,P		The Prince of Tides
Christie, Agatha		Death in the Clouds
Dahl, Roald		Someone Like You
Dickens, C.		A childs history of England
Dickens, C.		Hard Times
Dickens, C.		The old curiosity shop vol I
Dickens, C.		The old curiosity shop vol II
Dickens, C.		Bleak House vol I
Dickens, C.		Bleak House vol II
Dickens, C.		The uncommercial traveller
Dickens, C.		Little Dorrit vol I
Dickens, C.		Little Dorrit vol II

Dickens, C.		Great Expectations
Dickens, C.		Our mutual friend vol I
Dickens, C.		Our mutual friend vol II
Dickens, C.		David Copperfield vol I
Dickens, C.		David Copperfield vol II
Dickens, C.		Nicholas Nickleby vol I
Dickens, C.		Nicholas Nickleby vol II
Dickens, C.		The Pickwick papers vol I
Dickens, C.		The Pickwick papers vol II
Dickens, C.		American Notes and Pictures from Italy
Donaldson, Stephen R.	A man rides through
Doyle,A.C.		Sherlock Holmes Mysteries
Eco,Umberto		The Name of the Rose
Fenelon, Bernard	The Ju-Jube Tree
Forster, E. M		Maurice
Forster, E. M		Howard's End
Forster, E. M		A Room with a View
Forster, E. M		The Longest Journey
Forster, E. M		A Passage to India
Forster, E. M		Where Angels Fear to Tread
Gear, W. M & K		People of the Wolf
Gear, W. M & K		People of the Fire
Gear, W. M & K		People of the Earth
Gear, W. M & K		People of the River
Gear, W. M & K		People of the Sea
Gear, W. M & K		People of the Lakes
Heller,Joseph		Catch 22
Homer			The Odyssey
Lawrence,D.H.		Lady Chatterly's Lover
Lawrence,D.H.		Women in Love
Lawrence,D.H.		Sons and Lovers
Lette, Kathy		Foetal Attraction
Lette, Kathy		The Llama Parlour
London,J.		Call of the Wild
Maguire, G.		Wicked
Maguire, G.		Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
Marlowe & Shakespeare	Harvard Classics
Melville, Herman	Moby Dick
Newman, A. et al	Erotic tales
Niggli,J.		Sunday Costs Five Pesos
O'Mara, M.		Classic Erotic Tales
Orwell,G.		Animal Farm / 1984
Poagny, Willy		Lohengrin
Poe, Edgar. A.		Complete works and Poems
Pudney,J.		Pick of Todays Short Stories
Reage, P.		Story of O
Reyes, A		Close Encounters
Rogers, Dick		Summer School One - Warm Days Hot Nights
Salinger,J.D.		Catcher in the Rye
Shakespeare		Complete Works
Shaw,Bernard		Pygmalion
Schuler, Linda L	She who remembers
Smiley, Jane		The Greenlanders
Stephenson, N		Cryptonomicom(RPS)
Suskind, P.		Perfume : The story of a murderer (GJH)
Twain,Mark		Tom Sawyer
Woolf, S		Leaning Towards Infinity


Author/PUBLISHER	Title

Abrahams, Marc		Ignobel Prizes
Adams, D. & Lloyd, J.	The Deeper meaning of Liff
Atkinson, Rowan		Mr Bean's Diary
Ball,M.			Footrot Flats 2
Ball,M.			Footrot Flats 11
Boynton,Sandra		Chocolate : The Consuming Passion
Burns, Larry		The official Blonde joke book
Carroll, Lewis		The Jabberwocky
David, L. & 
	Seinfeld, J.	The Seinfeld Scripts (W)
Foxworthy, J.		You might be a redneck if...
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix the Gaul (1)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix in Spain (2)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix in Britain (3)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and Cleopatra (4)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Goths (5)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix : The  Gladiator (6)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix the Legionary (7)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix in Switzerland (8)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Big Fight (9)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix the Roman Agent (10)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Mansions of the Gods (11)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix at the Olympic Games (12)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Laurel Wreath (13)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix the Soothsayer (14)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Golden Sickle (15)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Great Crossing (16)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Cauldron (17)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Chieftains Shield (18)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and Ceasars Gift (19)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Normans (20)
Goscinny & Underzo	Obelix and Co. (22)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Banquet (23)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix in Corsica (24)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix in Belgium (25)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Great Divide (26)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Black Gold (27)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and Son (28)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Magic Carpet (30)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Actress (31)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and the Secret Weapon (32)
Goscinny & Underzo	How Obelix fell into the magic potion when he was a boy (33)
Goscinny & Underzo	Asterix and Obelix all at sea (35)
Green, Joey		Get Smart Handbook
Hall,Timothy		How Did Things Start
Hart,Johnny		B.C. on the Rocks
Hart,Johnny		Big Book of B.C.
Hepburn, T.		Fighting Fat
HP Books		Donald Duck : 50 Yrs of Happy Frustration
James, Clive		Unreliable Memoirs
King, Jan		Hormones from Hell
Larson, G.		Prehistory of the Farside
Larson, G.		The Chickens are Restless
Larson, G.		Hound of the farside
Larson, G.		Unnatural Selections
Larson, G.		Wiener dog art
Melvaine,G.		ABC of Happy Teaching
Milligan,Spike		The Goon Show Scripts
Milligan,Spike		More Goon Show Scripts
Morrow, Skip		The second official I hate Cats book
Nicholson, C.		A field guide to southern speech
Pease, A		Body Language
Pile,Stephen		The Book of Heroic Failures
Reid,J.			It can't be true
Robbins,Tom		Still Life With Woodpecker
Schulz,C.M.		Fun with Peanuts
Schulz,C.M.		What's Next Charlie Brown
Schulz,C.M.		Good Grief Charlie Brown
Silverstein, S.		Runny Babbit

 Comics (Disney)

Series Name	Volume Numbers

Donald Duck 1963-1978	D-78, 110, 117, 136, 143, 144, 146, 155, 157, 165, 167, 168, 169, 173, 176, 177, 180, 182, 184, 185, 186, 188, 189, 192, 195, 196, 197, 201, 204, 206, 207, 208, 209, 213, 214, 215, 216, 218, 219, 220, 221, 223, 225, 229, 230, 232, 233, 234, 239, 240, 242, 245, 246, 250, 252, 253, 255, 256, 257, 258, 262.
General 1961-1978	G-227, 290, 319, 345, 369, 376, 383, 419, 421, 424, 427, 433, 434, 436, 438, 440, 441, 446, 450, 452, 457, 458, 468, 469, 470, 473, 474, 484, 489, 491, 493, 499, 501, 503, 504, 505, 507, 508, 509, 510, 513, 515, 516, 517, 520, 521, 522, 523, 525, 528, 530, 534, 535, 537, 539, 541, 543, 547, 548, 557, 558, 559, 562, 579, 580, 583, 587, 591, 592, 593, 595, 605, 612, 615, 622, 623, 627, 628, 629, 630, 631, 652, 653, 668, 670, 672, 678, 688, 689, 694, 697, 699.
Mickey Mouse 1966-1970	M-109, 110, 118, 126, 129, 139, 142, 145, 148, 155, 163, 164, 165, 167.
Untitled 1966-1978	No.-232, 238, 255, 265, 267, 280, 282, 283, 284, 290, 300, 302, 304, 307, 308, 309, 316, 319, 320, 321, 324, 326, 329, 330, 331, 332, 333, 335, 338, 340, 342, 345, 347, 348, 352, 358, 361, 362, 363, 369, 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 379, 380.
Rosa, Don	The life and  times of Scrooge McDuck
Uncle Scrooge in "The land beneath the ground" (6)
Uncle Srooge in "King Soloman's Mines" (1)


Author	Title

ADAC			Berlin
Amer.Geo. Soc.		Italy
Amer.Geo. Soc.		Iceland & Greenland
Amer.Geo. Soc.		Burma
AUST. POST		Travel Egypt
Bloomgarden, R		Palenque
Buchholz,J & R		Germany  1982
Buchholz,J & R		Have Feet Will Travel
Buchholz,J & R		Europe Trip 1985
Buchholz,J & R		Holiday  1990
Casa Editrice Lozzi	Roma
Casa Editrice Lozzi	Napoli
Chabannes,C. de		Le Louvre
Chard & Somerset	Helmstedt
Chierichetti,S.		Pisa
Denaes,Raymond		Paris
D'or,Erika		Forbidden Pompei
Doumas,Christos		Santorini
Fisher			A Rough Guide to Mexico
Fodor			Great American Drives of the East
G.V. Editores		Chichen Itza
G.V. Editores		Teotihuacan
Havard,W.L.		Jenolan Caves
Heyden,D		The Great Temple & the Aztec Gods
Inah-Salvat		Official guide - Templo Mayor
Inah-Salvat		Official guide - Anthropology National Museum
Kamil,Jill		Luxor
Kootz,W. & Sauer,W.	Heidelberg
Kootz,W. & Sauer,W.	Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Lonely Planet		Los Angelos
			Traveller's Tips
Peter-Winkler-Verlag	Deutsches Museum
Petzet,M		Neuschwanstein Castle
Quast,A.		Der Braunschweiger Dom
Rahmel-Verlag		Trier
Sosso			Knossos
Story, William		The Witchcraft Hysteria of Salem Town
Strache,W.		Berlin
SUPACARDS		Amsterdam
Various Maps


Title	Volumes

A.M.S. Journal B	V23 #3,#4
A.M.S. Journal B	V24 #1,#2,#4
A.M.S. Journal B	V25 #1
A.M.S. Gazzette		V9 #1,#2,#3,#4
A.M.S. Gazzette		V10 #1
Aust. Pers. Comp.	Apr. 1984
Microwave Knowhow	V1,2,3,4
National Geographic	Vol 144 #6
National Geographic	Vol 148 #6
National Geographic	Vol 151 #3
National Geographic	Vol 158 #6
National Geographic	Collector's Edition 100 Best Pictures 2005/6
Newscientist		5 Jan. 1979
Newscientist		3 Jan. 1980
Newscientist		18 Apr. 1985
Omega			Jan. 1981 - Jan. 1987.
Omni			1979-1988
Scientific American	Nov. 1978
Scientific American	Dec. 1983
Scientific American	Sep. 1984
Scientific American	Jan 2004
Scientific Aust.	Dec. 1979
Scientific Aust.	Jan. 1980
Scientific Aust.	Mar. 1980
Scientific Aust.	Jul. 1980
School Maths Journ.	V10,11,12(1979)
School Maths Journ.	V13(1980)
School Maths Journ.	V17,18,19(1981)
School Maths Journ.	V20,21,22(1982)
School Maths Journ.	V23,24,25(1983)
School Maths Journ.	V26,27,28(1984)
School Maths Journ.	V29,30,31(1985)
Science Digest		May 1989,July 1989, Sept. 1989

On Loan
Silman J.	 How to reassess your chess (AW)
Barrett, A.	Ship Fever (RRB)