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How to prepare to dual boot without reinstalling win-xp.

0. Kiss your cherished data goodbye (unless you have it backed up).

1. reboot (can't hurt to have clean ram)

2. do a diskcheck to make sure the harddisk is OK
      Start --> run
            --> cmd
            --> chkdsk c:
   (if any errors appear you need to fix them by running "chkdsk c:/r")

3. reboot to ensure windows survived

4. close *all* programs and defragment the files 
      Start --> Programs 
            --> Accessories 
            --> System Tools
            --> Disk Defragmenter
            --> Defragment

5. reboot to ensure windows survived

6. shrink the size of the win-xp partition knoppix
      burn the latest knoppix distribution to a CD
      reboot from the knoppix CD
      knoppix --> xterm
              --> su -m                                (switch to root)
              --> gparted --> select /dev/hda          (top right)
                          --> select windows partition (/dev/hda1 ?)
                          --> partition --> resize
	                                --> select a size 
		         		--> click "resize" button
		          --> click "apply" button
		          --> OK
                          --> quit gparted

7. reboot to ensure windows survived

You are now ready to install a linux distribution in the free space.